Hisbollah draengt Libanon naeher zum Buergerkrieg

One dead, dozens hurt in clashes during Lebanon strike

The strike came two days before Saniora and his economic team seek financial aid for Lebanon at an international donors‘ conference in Paris. The opposition has also said the grants and loans – which local analysts set at around US$5 billion (€3.1 billion) – would only increase the national debt and further weaken the economy, hard hit by the summer war between Hizbullah guerrillas and Israel.

A Saniora aide, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the prime minister was still in Beirut following the developments, contrary to earlier media reports that he had left for France.

The strike has deepened the existing political divisions.The anti-Syrian parliamentary majority, made up of mostly Sunni Muslims, Druse and Christians, backs Saniora. The opposition is led by the pro-Syrian and pro-Iranian Shi’ite Muslim Hizbullah, and includes also some Druse and Christians.

Die Aktion wurde vorher angekuendigt:Escalation in Lebanon and Iran


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