und noch einmal Hoder (Hossein Derakhshan)

Auf Eric’s Blog second thoughts on persian weblogs finde ich dokumentiert, dass Hosseins veroeffentlichte Einstellung zu Atomwaffen sich seit 2004 radikal veraendert hat.

Hoder on Iran and atomic bombs:

21 October 2004: I don’t believe that the majority of Iranians, who are being portrayed by the Western media as united to defend the right of the regime to achieve nuclear technology, really understand what the implications of such achievement are. Needless to say that if people were aware of how easily this technology, if not curbed by the UN, could be used by the regime to produce nuclear weapons, and how such power could weaken the already humble foundations of democracy in Iran by giving more military power to the most radical and fundamentalist parts of the regime, they’d hardly be backing it as they do now – if we accept that they really are.

21 October 2004 (persian weblog): It’s really a shame that people have been kept uninformed about the dangers of achieving nukes by this regime and now a few dozen are deciding for the future of millions of ordinary Iranians.

04 june 2006: Unlike Khamanei, I think it’s the nuclear arms that Iran needs to produce, not nuclear energy. Taking so much risk (sanctions, isolation, military attacks, etc.) to produce nuclear energy just doesn’t make any sense, when we have so many alternative and cheaper sources of energy.

25 July 2006:This is what I would recommend Khamenei to do, if I were his advisor:

a) Suspend the enrichment
b) Make peace with Israel
c) Withdraw from the NPT
d) Publicly start making the nuclear weapons — to protect your sovereignty against the current U.S. empire and the future Chinese one

Eine solche Kehrtwendung legt in der Tat den Gedanken nahe, dass Hoder sich eventuell schmieren laesst.

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