Alle wissen, dass Hisbollah wieder aufruestet

aber nur Wenige machen sich klar, dass eine Aufruesting gleichzeitig ein Upgrade ist:

DEBKA file Exclusive: Tehran arms Lebanese Hizballah militia with air defense missile wing as part of war build-up


DEBKAfile’s military sources report that these new weapons will seriously restrict the Israeli Air Force’s tactical freedom over Lebanon. In the event of hostilities, Israeli warplanes will have to evade a dense array of Hizballah-operated anti-air missiles which will also defend the terrorist group’s surface rocket batteries.

Those sources disclose that the Iranian-Chinese missile has already been smuggled into Lebanon and is in Hizballah’s hands. It is designed to shoot down planes and helicopters flying at ultra-low altitudes under radar screens for surprise assaults on ground targets such as military bases, missile positions and artillery. Ordinary radar and air defense missiles are mostly ineffective against these low-flying tactics. The new missile makes up for this shortcoming.


Der naechste Krieg wird keine Wiederholung des letzten sein.


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