EU-Beobachter in Rafah

Endlich kommt die Aufklaerung, was aus den EU-Beobachtern an der aegyptischen Grenze zum Gazastreifen wurde: EU monitors to stay away from Rafah

European monitors will not return to the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Sinai while Hamas is in control there, but only if Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s Force 17 „Presidential Guard“ regains authority over the crossing, the deputy head of the monitoring force said on Wednesday.

Patrick Delval, the deputy head of EU BAM-Rafah, said at a press briefing that the border crossing had been closed since June 9, four days before the Hamas-Fatah fighting intensified.

He said the crossing, with an estimated €5 million worth of equipment, was now in Hamas’s hands, but that he had not heard any reports of damage there.


The 70-man force is in Ashkelon, waiting for further orders.


Ashkelon hat passable Straende und ist auch historisch ganz interessant:

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