Artikel in der JPost bestaetigt meine Recherche zum Rohoelhandel

allerdings war ich zwei Monate schneller.

Der Text in der Jerusalem Post nimmt ebenfalls Bezug auf die idiotische Parallele, die Shraga zum Gasabkommen der Schweizer ELG mit der iranischen Regierung samt breitem Laecheln unter Kopftuch von Calmy-Rey, hergestellt hatte:

„Oil is a commodity, like gold,“ he said. „You can buy it from anybody and sell it to everybody. It’s quite possible that Israeli companies are buying oil in Europe which originated in Iran. But it’s not official, it’s on the free market, and I don’t think it’s a political issue.“

The harbor master at Rotterdam Port, T. Selegars, said that both Iranian and Israeli ships came through his port, and that the Iranians were depositing shipments of crude oil there.

„A hundred million tons of oil are transported through the port every year, and ships come through from all over the world,“ he said. „Iranian ships are bringing oil to Rotterdam, and it is theoretically possible that oil is transported from here to Israel.“

After the EnergiaNews piece was first published, in March, an oped article in the UK’s Guardian newspaper termed the alleged Israel-Iran connection the „definition of hypocrisy“ given Israel’s call for heightened economic pressure on Teheran.

The story was also cited by the Swiss newspaper Sonntag after Israel complained that the Swiss foreign minister’s March visit to Iran and subsequent signing of a multi-billion euro contract for natural gas was an „act unfriendly to Israel.“


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