Gute Nachrichten aus Ramallah

Pro-Gaza demonstration in Ramallah canceled for a lack of protesters


The offices of the Al-Jazeera television network overlook Manara Square. Walid Omari, the bureau chief for the Palestinian Authority and Israel, explains that „the residents of Ramallah are filling the cafes, the restaurants, watching Al-Jazeera, cursing the situation, expressing anger and then continuing with their own affairs.“

Omari explains that the quiet all over the West Bank in the face of the events in Gaza stems mainly from disappointment and frustration with the leadership of Hamas and Fatah.

„The residents of the West Bank lost a great deal in the course of the last Intifada, but saw no achievements. They are very afraid of more losses, mainly in light of the crisis of confidence between the Palestinian street and its leadership.“

He refrains from accusing the PA of suppressing the protest demonstrations, a claim that quite a few of his colleagues have made.

„The PA is not preventing people from demonstrating, it is stopping them from coming to points of friction and raising flags other than Palestinian ones.

At the moment, there is a state of despair in light of the intra-Palestinian disputes, but make no mistake. In the 1980s, the despair was even greater because of the leadership vacuum, and nevertheless the first Intifada broke out.“


Die Palaestinenser im Westjordanland haben also etwas zu verlieren?

The only small chance for peace today is the same chance that existed before the Gaza invasion: The moderate Arab states, Europe, the United States and, mainly, Israel, must help Hamas’s enemy, Fatah, prepare the West Bank for real freedom, and then hope that the people of Gaza, vast numbers of whom are unsympathetic to Hamas, see the West Bank as an alternative to the squalid vision of Hassan Nasrallah and Nizar Rayyan.

Na so etwas, wo doch der franzoesische und der italienische Aussenminister schon 2006 davor warnten, dass die Palaestinenser durch militaerische Aktionen im Gazastreifen nur weiter radikalisiert werden!

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  1. […] In Ramallah musste eine antiisraelische Demonstration gegen die Kämpfe im Gazastreifen abgesagt werden. Zu wenige Teilnehmer. […]

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