Halluzinierte ethnische Saeuberung

Als ich vor ein paar Tagen die verschiedenen Quellen zum Eintrag „Avigodor Lieberman“ in der deutschen Wikipedia durchackerte, fiel mir wieder einmal auf, wie tief bei bestimmten Leuten das Beduerfnis nach ethnischer Saeuberung durch Israel sitzt.

Virulente Antisemiten in aller Welt halluzinierten, dass Israel den US-Angriff auf den Irak im Maerz 2003 ausnuetzen wolle, um eine ethnische Saeuberung von Palaestinensern und/oder arabischen Israelis durchzufuehren. Die sehnsuechtig erwartete Demaskierung Israels fand nicht statt. Tut nichts,man kann ja mit Ilan Pappe weiter hoffen. Oder auch mit Ran HaCohen einfach jede Massnahme Israels zum Voelkermord umluegen.

Anscheinend ist es gerade deswegen notwendig, Israels ethnische Saeuberung von Palaestinenstern zu halluzinieren, weil das eigene Kollektiv den Voelkermord an Juden schon erfolgreich praktiziert hat (Europa) oder sich Hoffnungen macht, ihn demnaechst erfolgreich praktizieren zu koennen (Muslime).

Insgesamt faellt immer wieder auf, dass Antisemiten Israel und Juden justament das vorwerfen, was sie selber betreiben oder betreiben moechten. Elder of Ziyon hat das so formuliert:

My First Rule of Arab Projection states that whenever Arabs accuse Israel of doing some crime, they are doing that exact crime, usually on a far grander scale than their accusations.

ShrinkWrapped verweist auf eine Paralelle zwischen Verfolgungswahn und Antisemitismus, um zu erklaeren, warum Paranoiker und Antisemiten so viel Eigenes auf ihre empfundenen Feinde projezieren.

In close Psychotherapuetic work with paranoid patients (and with „normal neurotic“ patients who share similar dynamics) early experiences with a poorly attuned Mother and/or real deprivation and abuse lead to the development of an ego dystonic internal object. Under the impact of primitive splitting, the idealized and devalued images of the mother are divided and the devalued, hated object is pressed into the unconscious mind. Once firmly lodged in the unconscious that negative image can never appropriately be tempered by the loving images and fused into a more complex, three dimensional representation of the mother. Since the mother is the first object, the template, all other objects tend to be experienced as derivatives of the split maternal object. The hated image resides in the mind and often leads to hypochondria (the sense that a part of the body is going to attack and betray you) or if projected, overt paranoia. Since the self-representations are comprised of derivatives of the earliest object representations (identifications) having a hated part of oneself is often intolerable. The hated split object must be kept unconscious; when the pressure of the unconscious increases, one emergency defensive maneuver is to project the hated part into the external world. „I am not a hateful person; that person, who I do not hate, hates me! His hatred is so intense as to be frightening and I must protect myself from him and his hate. I must destroy him before he can destroy me!


The Palestinians and their supporters have charged repeatedly that Israel’s treatment of them is genocidal. How does this charge stand up to the evidence? In a court of law the „evidence“ would be laughed at. The Israelis have the power to obliterate the Palestinians in Gaza and the West bank, yet their population continues to increase. There has never been support for anything approaching exterminationist ideology in the state of Israel. Those who have urged the expulsion of the Arabs from Israel have traditionally been marginalized and ostracized; their arguments do not receive support by any significant segment of the Israeli population, including the so-called extremist settlers. (In truth there is a negligible portion of the radical right in Israel that would like to expel the Arabs, but even among the most radical, calls to exterminate the Arabs are not acceptable.) On the other hand the Palestinians have been regularly declaring their intent to destroy Israel and kill the Jews in language that has barely changed since the 1948 cry to „push the Jews into the sea.“ And not only is their language overtly genocidal, they have done their best to put their hatred into action. Arabs who kill Jewish innocents are feted as great heroes in the Palestinian world. In sum, the Israelis have the capacity but not the will or desire, for genocide; the Palestinians have the desire and will, in abundance, but lack the capacity for genocide.


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  2. Danke für die interessanten Einblicke in die Psychopathologie dieser Bekloppten.

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